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AXL Skatebike Commercial 1990

Jon N (UK) saw this video today. I have never seen it. Fun

Restoring an Original AXL – Linda M – Florida

Linda M. (Florida, USA) and her husband bought this AXL for their 12 year old son in the mid 1990’s. They decided to restore it as a Christmas present for their 11 year old grandson.

The frame was stripped and powder coated. The seat was commercially redone.



Scotty Cranmer Pro BMX Rider restores and rides an AXL Skatebike

You Have NEVER Seen A Bike Like This Before!

Scotty Cranmer – Pro BMX Rider restores and rides an AXL skatebike that was delivered to his shop with the frame, seat and crank. It is fun to watch him discover what a skatebike is all about. The truck is missing the bushings as it flops to the side.

This is what a new AXL looks like

AXL Skatebike Press Release Photo

This AXL Skatebike Press Release Photo was printed on April 19, 1990. It is the photo that accompanied the original AXL Skatebike announcement. I purchased the original from Historic Images.

AXL Skateboard Truck Details

Minson skatebikes use standard “Old School” skateboard truck hole pattern.

Garel, LeRun and Max skatebikes use a smaller pattern

AXL skatebikes use a third hole pattern

AXL trucks are plastic rather than cast aluminum like the other skatebikes.

This is an AXL skatebike that Jon N from the UK bought. One of the wheels came apart on his first ride. Because the hole pattern is so small he could not fit any of the old skateboard trucks. The axel hanger from an old 70’s Continental skateboard truck fit.

May 19, 2021 update
Jon also found this old Tony Hawk skateboard in second hand shop. The holes are very close and for not much money he got 2 trucks, 4 wheels and 8 bearings.

AXL Skatebike

Worlds Of Wonder files for a US Trademark for “AXL Skatebike” on 1990-05-29

Worlds Of Wonder, Inc.

4209 Technology Drive, Fremont, CA 94538, USA
Serial Number: 74063815

1990-04-19: AXL Skatebike Press Release distributed
1990-05-29: Application Filed
1992-07-07: Published for Opposition
1993-03-30: Abandon
1993-03-30: Status: Dead/Abandoned

AXL Skatebikes appear to be a rebranded MAX Skatebike. A chain guard is added and the labels are changed. Both use a 12″ plastic wheel.