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Mats van der Gugl – Slovenia

Mats van der Gugl has some skatebikes in Slovenia. Here are Instagram posts from him.

I’ve attached a shot from Instagram of a design similar to the Lerun but with a 16inch wheel. Mats said it was a Slovenian bike maker who made it. Looks pretty cool.
Jon N (UK)

Jon asked:
Is the red one a Lerun too? I’ve not seen a 16inch wheel Lerun, looks very cool!

@skatebikeuk No, it’s a “PlayBike”, made in a small Slovenian local bike shop in 80’s. I admit didn’t know for them till I got one in my hands 😉

Auxiliary Device of Monocycle Patent – Other


An auxiliary device of a monocycle has an auxiliary body connected to a monocycle. The main fork of the monocycle has a main sleeve. A detachable auxiliary body is connected to the main sleeve. Thereby, the auxiliary body can be installed to or detachable from the monocycle. The auxiliary body is mainly formed by a front head and a frame tube. The front head has a handle frame, a sub-wheel body and a sub-fork. The frame tube is connected to the monocycle. A front end of the monocycle is installed with a sub-sleeve which is formed at an upper end of the sub-fork so as to be formed as a monocycle with an auxiliary wheel.

Skate bike Patent – Other


A skate bike including a frame; a spring seat saddle connected to an upper part of the frame; a wheel having a central axle connected to a lower part of the frame; a pair of pedals provided on either side of the wheel; a pair of supporting shafts pivotally provided on the frame at suitable position to define a support for feet of a passenger; and an auxiliary wheel set provided on the frame at a suitable position. The skate bike is effective as an unicycle and also effective as an ice scooter or a grass scooter when used in conjunction with a pair of ski poles.

Wheeled Vehicle Patent – Other


A new and unique wheeled vehicle comprising a unicycle-like device. The device employs the same general elements as a unicycle including a single large drive wheel, a pair of pedals, a seat, and a pair of forks to support the seat. Attached to the rear of the device is an additional set of support wheels. The support wheels are attached through a support frame which extends generally rearwardly and downwardly from the center of the drive wheel. The support wheels are attached to one another by an axle, which is in turn attached to the support frame in such a manner that the support wheels pronate and track through turns as the drive wheel is turned to the right or left. Under normal conditions the support wheels remain on the ground at all times. This device provides the rider with additional longitudinal stability without adding a significant increment of lateral stability.

Half bike / half skate board … mostly scooter!

DougCameraman Nov 25, 2011
This looks like fun. Homemade & pretty cool.

A Day on my Skatebike X

Hollywood Hogan May 10, 2020
Hello World, in this video I´d like to introduce to you my selfdeveloped and selfmade CFRP carbon fiber Skatebike X!
It´s my reinvertion of the 80th Skatebike with the latest design and build standards including selfmade carbon fiber frame, selfmade carbon fiber parts and high quality components.

Have fun watching the video about my Skatebike X and share if you like!


Aug 18, 2010 – Riding a RollerCycleSport