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Monkee’s Velocipede

I was watching an old episode of the Monkees from 1966. In the theme song they are riding what looks like at first glance to be skatebikes.

From “Monkee vs. Machine” (Sep 26, 1966)

I found a page on The Cabe: I’m Looking For Information About “The Monkees” Unicycles


Jon N (UK) found a skatebike like I have never seen. No idea why it has a brake as unicycles are fixed pedal to wheel. There is no coasting. Unicycles never have a brake (except in unusual situations).

We call this a uniskate for lack of a better term. It is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Unlike the LeRun skate bikes that have the skateboard truck in the front and are chain driven, this vehicle has the skateboard truck in the back and the drive is direct like a unicycle. The uniskate has a 20″ wheel and brakes and overall is decent shape. It is a real attention getter at club meetings and parades and is quite popular with children.

Relaxed Bike

Hayden from Arizona contacted me the other night with pictures of a skatebike he has owned for about 15 years. I thought I had seen every variation but not this one.

Anyone familiar with a Relaxed Bike?”

I was probably 8 or so. And it was in the neighborhood at a yard sale. $5 and a 20″ bmx frame. Keep the skate bike thing just due to it being odd. Just last night I saw a Facebook story with one for sale and I had to do some research now that I knew it was a skate bike or one like it.

I use to have a seat on it. But beleive it was a schwin seat at the time. I’ve had it for a while. The handlebars adjust for the relaxed positions. However someone broke it and bent the bars.

I just found out about these skate bikes last night as I’ve never seen these before and just found out what I may have. It’s been with me maybe 15 years. Took ut around the block a few times. But never was great with it.

Also closest thing is see to it would be that SQL and the balance trainer bike combined. Eitherway something neat and if you find any info it would be awesome otherwise it’s just a odd ball machine I’ll keep forever.

Hayden from Arizona

One Point Five

One Point Five is a new bike from Japan. It reminds me of a SQRL with a stability handle but adds a brake lever and shifter for brakes on front/back and a derailleur system.

Intro Article in New Atlas

Oct 26, 2018

Product video – In Japanese

Jul 12, 2019

Halbrad (that’s “Halfbike” in English)

by Felix Kruschardt
Started in 2016

This bike has many similarities to a skate bike. While there is a handle bar under the seat, it works a caster wheel. The website is in German but the article in New Atlas is in English.

The half wheel is actually a bicycle!
It has 2 brakes that are independent of each other and 2 gears.
It is always ready to drive, saves space and can be taken with you in public transport free of charge.

New article on it at New Atlas

World’s First Seatless Stand Up Skate Bike

WRFF Trike Mod (Not a halfbike)
Sep 27, 2021 by SkateS BikeS ModS and More

commented to tell me of his new seatless skate bike as well as a few other new designs. Thanks

Amazing compact and seatless skate bike. Made by using a WRFF Trike Frame.

Longboard Trucks and folding Razor e300 handlebar attached. Handlebars were cut off on one side and rotated for a proper steering/handling system. Original WRFF handlebars and stem, seat, wheels and wheel components as well as miscellaneous parts were removed. Micro Pedalflow back wheel added in place of original bike wheel.

Parts of the original front side wheel arms were cut off but not completely removed…yet. Also I left the hollow steering section on the front for adding or mounting additional things such as a flag or umbrella or other silly or useful additions, which I hope to show in a future update video.

Otherwise, the entire front third of the frame could be cut off to save several pounds of weight and make it even more compact.

I tried using a caster wheel in the front center like I did with my seated skate bike but I kept it slightly off the ground so it only prevented one from falling forward in case the bike tipped forward. It rattled and made too much noise so I removed it but may try a static non-caster wheel that is slightly above the ground so it performs the same safety duty but otherwise is unused in normal operation.

My phone app shows me reaching up to around 16 mph when pedaling at full speed on flat smooth ground. If it was geared slightly higher, it may be possible to hit up to 20 mph briefly.

It is also possible to coast hands free using one’s legs pressed against the vertical handlebar. I hope to modify a second handlebar that could even allow complete hands free use by steering solely with one’s legs even while pedaling but it would be more complex, tricky to implement, and add extra bulk and weight. Just some more food for thought…

Mats van der Gugl – Slovenia

Mats van der Gugl has some skatebikes in Slovenia. Here are Instagram posts from him.

I’ve attached a shot from Instagram of a design similar to the Lerun but with a 16inch wheel. Mats said it was a Slovenian bike maker who made it. Looks pretty cool.
Jon N (UK)

Jon asked:
Is the red one a Lerun too? I’ve not seen a 16inch wheel Lerun, looks very cool!

@skatebikeuk No, it’s a “PlayBike”, made in a small Slovenian local bike shop in 80’s. I admit didn’t know for them till I got one in my hands 😉

Auxiliary Device of Monocycle Patent – Other


An auxiliary device of a monocycle has an auxiliary body connected to a monocycle. The main fork of the monocycle has a main sleeve. A detachable auxiliary body is connected to the main sleeve. Thereby, the auxiliary body can be installed to or detachable from the monocycle. The auxiliary body is mainly formed by a front head and a frame tube. The front head has a handle frame, a sub-wheel body and a sub-fork. The frame tube is connected to the monocycle. A front end of the monocycle is installed with a sub-sleeve which is formed at an upper end of the sub-fork so as to be formed as a monocycle with an auxiliary wheel.

Skate bike Patent – Other


A skate bike including a frame; a spring seat saddle connected to an upper part of the frame; a wheel having a central axle connected to a lower part of the frame; a pair of pedals provided on either side of the wheel; a pair of supporting shafts pivotally provided on the frame at suitable position to define a support for feet of a passenger; and an auxiliary wheel set provided on the frame at a suitable position. The skate bike is effective as an unicycle and also effective as an ice scooter or a grass scooter when used in conjunction with a pair of ski poles.

Wheeled Vehicle Patent – Other


A new and unique wheeled vehicle comprising a unicycle-like device. The device employs the same general elements as a unicycle including a single large drive wheel, a pair of pedals, a seat, and a pair of forks to support the seat. Attached to the rear of the device is an additional set of support wheels. The support wheels are attached through a support frame which extends generally rearwardly and downwardly from the center of the drive wheel. The support wheels are attached to one another by an axle, which is in turn attached to the support frame in such a manner that the support wheels pronate and track through turns as the drive wheel is turned to the right or left. Under normal conditions the support wheels remain on the ground at all times. This device provides the rider with additional longitudinal stability without adding a significant increment of lateral stability.