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The Best Minson Skate Bike Restoration Updated – Eric Alley – California

In Aug 2019, Eric Alley of Walnut California contacted me about an old skatebike he bought and wanted to restore. For months we emailed back and forth with questions and answers. One of his biggest challenges was his bike was missing the under-seat brake handle. I sent many measurements and detailed photos. Eric bought a similar handle and a friend made a bracket to hold it on. Eric used the same skate truck as I did also replacing the stock bushing with a hard downhill one.

This week Eric sent me the finished picture and to put it mildly I was blown away. I took my restoration pretty far but Eric went the whole nine yards. This is by far the best skate bike restoration I have ever seen.

Minson Riding – Skatebike Study 1&2

On YouTube Futon Express who has some interesting videos of him riding unusual bikes, has two videos of him riding a Minson. The focus of the video is the skatebike so you get to see the steering and peddling in action. He describes the Minson as “Hands-free tilting recumbent tadpole trike.”

Notice the unusual placement of the brake handle on the seat down tube.

Boy Riding a SQRL Sport in Chile

Nov 30, 2007

Half bike / half skate board … mostly scooter!

DougCameraman Nov 25, 2011
This looks like fun. Homemade & pretty cool.

Minson with Training Wheels

Nov 17, 2019 SkateS BikeS ModS and More
Minson Skate Bike – Hands and Feet Free Coasting and Tight Turning

A Day on my Skatebike X

Hollywood Hogan May 10, 2020
Hello World, in this video I´d like to introduce to you my selfdeveloped and selfmade CFRP carbon fiber Skatebike X!
It´s my reinvertion of the 80th Skatebike with the latest design and build standards including selfmade carbon fiber frame, selfmade carbon fiber parts and high quality components.

Have fun watching the video about my Skatebike X and share if you like!

Robert Ortiz riding his Minson

Oct 20, 2014
Robert Ortiz riding his Minson “Skate Wheel Cykle” in a parking structure.

First Successful Ride – Rich Helms (Minson)

Today I rode the rebuilt skate bike for the first time. The new hard bushings worked well. The seat needs to be a bit higher but was extended as far as it could go. Also I would like to try a longer seat to help with control.

Riding my Minson Skatebike

Recorded on September 21, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.

Riding My Minson Skate bike on my 80th birthday

W.R. Casebolt Mar 6, 2012