Garel Original Patent

The original patent for the Garel skatebike. The Garel patent was granted on Nov 29, 1983. This patent is the basis of the Garel, LeRun and Max Skatebikes.

Self orientable vehicle propelled by a system of pedals actuating a chain


A velocipede having a single driving wheel which is powered by rotating pedals that rotate a sprocket that is connected to the driving wheels by a chain. A roller assembly comprises small diameter rollers having a roller axis that is disposed lower than and in front of the pedal axis. The rollers are connected to the velocipede frame by a bearing member so that the rollers can be articulated allowing the rider to lean on the velocipede thereby controlling the direction of movement.

View Patent US4417743

Google patent site of 4,417,743

1981-06-18: Application filed by Yves Garel
1983-11-29: Application granted
1983-11-29: Publication of US4417743A
1984-08-06: Assigned to PRODUCTS AND PATENTS, INC., A CORP. OF DE
1989-03-27: First worldwide family litigation filed
2001-06-18: Anticipated expiration
Status: Expired – Fee Related

Garel did make some skatebikes and in 1989 trademarked “The Wheel Thing SkateBike.

Garel licensed the patent to LeRun but the agreement was later dissolved and went into litigation.

The Max Skatebike is the same Garel design. I have not found any reference to a licensing agreement.

The Garel focus is on the front truck including an adjustable angle. I don’t believe this was ever implemented on a production skatebike.

It is interesting that both the Garel and Minson patents offer a front bar to make steering easier. The SQRL Skatebike has such a tube. You can see it in action in this SQRL Skatebike video.

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