First Successful Ride – Rich Helms (Minson)

Today I rode the rebuilt skate bike for the first time. The new hard bushings worked well. The seat needs to be a bit higher but was extended as far as it could go. Also I would like to try a longer seat to help with control.

BUT – I was excited. This was also my first experience with the GoPro camera on my helmet. We were riding in the parking lot of the Sunderland Public School. I got some interesting looks from the locals.


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    Andy Rogers 14 July 2013

    How do you ride that without killing yourself?

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      Rich 14 July 2013

      In reply to Andy Rogers.
      Andy – well. Fair question. I took it out a few days ago. I could get about 10 feet before veering to the side. The truck bushings were soft. I need something much firmer and have a query into my skateboard shop. I see it as the challenge is half of the fun.

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