Minson Restoration (2) – Rich Helms – Canada

All of the new parts are on. Biggest challenge was the seat post and the crank cotters. The aluminum seat post I bought is speced as the same size but it is just a hair wider. I cleaned up the old steel chromed post and will see how it works. If I need the additional length I will work on the aluminum post to thin it or look for an older spec steel post. The crank cotters are also a hair large. I still had the old ones so I refit them.

Took the skate bike out for it’s first run since the rebuild.

The new truck came with very soft bushings. Bushings control how soft/hard the steering is. In the case of a skate bike they also provide some side to side stability. I have an email into Area 51 to query about much firmer bushings. I ended up with 92’s. A skatebike requires a firmer bushing than a skateboard as the bike itself is a lever against the wheels, not just your foot movement. Look for bushings for longboard racing.

When I checked the old ones out they were very rigid and cranked so tight they hardly turned.

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