Relaxed Bike

Hayden from Arizona contacted me the other night with pictures of a skatebike he has owned for about 15 years. I thought I had seen every variation but not this one.

Anyone familiar with a Relaxed Bike?”

I was probably 8 or so. And it was in the neighborhood at a yard sale. $5 and a 20″ bmx frame. Keep the skate bike thing just due to it being odd. Just last night I saw a Facebook story with one for sale and I had to do some research now that I knew it was a skate bike or one like it.

I use to have a seat on it. But beleive it was a schwin seat at the time. I’ve had it for a while. The handlebars adjust for the relaxed positions. However someone broke it and bent the bars.

I just found out about these skate bikes last night as I’ve never seen these before and just found out what I may have. It’s been with me maybe 15 years. Took ut around the block a few times. But never was great with it.

Also closest thing is see to it would be that SQL and the balance trainer bike combined. Eitherway something neat and if you find any info it would be awesome otherwise it’s just a odd ball machine I’ll keep forever.

Hayden from Arizona

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