Rich Helms – Canada

My old Minson skatebike before I restored it.

In the mid 1980’s while shopping in Eaton Centre in Toronto, Canada I spotted this SkateBike in Collegiate Sports. It was love at first sight and I bought it. After we moved to the country it got little use as we lived on a dirt road. For years it sat in my barn rusting. In June 2013 I pulled it out and restored it.

I originally documented this on my personal blog ( but received queries from all over the world. This site is where I organize the information I learned. People mostly contact me when they bought an old skatebike and set out to fix it up and ride. You can read the article on my skatebike restoration.

This website serves both as a showcase for some amazing restorations but also the specifications that were collected along the way.

Painting by Daniel Colby
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