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GoPro on a Minson Skate Bike

I have been trying to figure out a good location to mount my GoPro camera on the skate bike. My original mount was on my helmet. As there are no reference objects in the field of view it gives a floating in space view. When I watched the GoPro video on using the bike frame mount most shots show enough of the bike to give a context to the shot. With a skate bike the problem is one of frame geometry. As the bike is basically vertical, you don’t see part of the bike. I even tried on the tubes going to the back wheel but then too much of the view was blocked. Also I do not want the camera hanging out to the side where in a wipe-out it would be damaged. I tried on the seat post looking down but you get too much of the legs. I think farther down the frame. Might try behind the down tube in front of the thin tubes going down to the wheel. This could be a nicely protected spot and give a nice shot.

Note: when the bike falls over the camera has a tendency to change angle. Check after a fall.

One last thought, I learned last weekend that knee pads only protect you if you wear them.