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SQRL – Intro

A new skatebike family was added in Oct 2007, the SQRL (say “squirrel”). Originally called the NAKOI SQRL by Van der Veer Designers. Later called the Cybex SQRL.

To quote Van der Veer Designers:

A familiar bike? Fifteen years ago the Max Skate Bike was all the rage.
Van der Veer Designers used the Max Skate Bike as a starting point for designing the SQRL.

– Looks and ride are greatly improved.
– Three versions for different age groups and price classes.
– A popular vehicle for kids to perform stunts or just to cruise around the neighbourhood.

It had two key differences from Minson and Garel designs:

  1. It had a handle. This made controlling the steering easier as the rider stabilized their position on the bike with the handle than leaned. The Garel patent and the Minson patent both had optional handles. Riding a Minson is harder to steer as it uses a traditional seat. The Garel variations used a unicycle seat which is longer and wider to enable your bottom and legs to hold it easier. With the handle, the SQRL does not depend on bracing the seat.
  2. The large front caster wheels go over small obstacles. What I don’t know is if there is any resistance like a skateboard truck has via the bushings.

Described in promotional materials.

A compact and easy to ride fun bike that challenges you to find the right balance … Lean to the left to turn left, lean to the right to turn right. Do you dare to do a wheelie? The large rear wheel ensures that you can easily get up to speed, while the two skate wheels at the front ensure that you can maneuver well. In short, a super cool skate bike. What are you waiting for? Hop on and SQRL!

Original Promo Quickstart Q&A

Q: How do you move?
A: By pedalling, like a normal bike

Q: How do you steer?
A: By moving your body to the desired direction similar to skateboarding. It takes some practice, but that’s worth the fun of it.

Q: How do you slow down?
A: By ways of a coaster brake, similar to a bike

Q: Where do you practice?
A: The Sqrl is an ideal action-vehicle for use in urban areas: squares, narrow streets, wide lanes, boulevards, etc. As long as there is a smooth surface.

Q: SQRL tactics?
A: In the movie we show how you can compete with friends to slalom around the cubes and be the fastest.

Q: Advanced SQRL?
A: Try your skatebike without the removable gripstick-handle and make your way through the city, moving like a professional.

SQRL Skate Bike Models

The SQRL (“Squirrel”) was offered in three models aimed at different age groups.

SQRL PRO – Top model for kids aged 10 and up.
Specification: 16″ rear/7″ double front wheels, all air tires, Aluminium 44 cm frame, self stand function by click-positioning system in the front wheels, anti-rust chain, top quality ball bearings, high tech rim, quick saddle adjustment and lean gripstick height adjustment system.

SQRL SPORT – Popular model for kids aged 8 to 18.
Specification: 16″ rear/7″ double front wheels, all air tires. Steel 36 cm frame, anti-rust chain, top quality ball bearings, special tire design, quick saddle adjustment system, removable gripstick.

SQRL FUN – Starting model for kids aged 6 to 10.
Specification: 12” rear/6” double front wheels, Steel 24 cm frame, complete chain coffer, top quality ball bearings, special tire design, quick saddle adjustment system.

The video shows all three models in use