More Photos of Building my Electrified MTV LeRun Skatebike

In the My DI-WHY Electrified MTV LeRun Skatebike we were introduced to an eLeRun. The builder is Braxton M. from Michigan. He filled me in on braking.

There is some braking due to the motors natural resistance but overall it’s more like a skateboard than a bike. The speed is a max of about 13mph (my max comfortable speed anyway lol) so a quick step off is easy enough to do if needed but you get used to the natural motor braking with time. The bottom bracket is still in place, there is two polycarbonate 3D printed pegs pressed on. Eventually I’m going to replace the old brushed motor for a brushless one for a bit more speed and efficiency. In addition, stronger regen braking will be added with a different motor controller and I may add a manual brake at some point. Battery pack is custom built with around 30 miles of range per charge and there is an integrated 12v converter to run the lights on the sides of the battery case.

Braxton M. from Michigan

Braxton included some interesting images from the build.

I am impressed.

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