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Minson Restoration (2) – Rich Helms – Canada

All of the new parts are on. Biggest challenge was the seat post and the crank cotters. The aluminum seat post I bought is speced as the same size but it is just a hair wider. I cleaned up the old steel chromed post and will see how it works. If I need the additional length I will work on the aluminum post to thin it or look for an older spec steel post. The crank cotters are also a hair large. I still had the old ones so I refit them.

Took the skate bike out for it’s first run since the rebuild.

Minson Skate Bike Owner’s Manual

I found the original owner’s manual for my Minson Skate Bike. I usually save owner’s manuals and while cleaning found it.

It is interesting that the manual refers to a 16″ wheel version (which is what I have) and a 12″ wheel version. I have never heard of the small wheel Minson. The LeRun used a 12″ wheel.



Minson Skate Bike Patent


This invention relates to a roller bicycle having rollers rotably mounted on the front wheel shaft and a single rear wheel for a common use as a sporting and playing apparatus on which one can ride forward and backward by keeping his balance, thereby improving his agility and developing his physical strength.

While exploring the history of the Minson skate bike I found the original US patent for a “Roller bicycle“.

If you view the patent, under References Cited is the Garel patent 4,417,743

View patent US4523770

Google patent site of US4523770
Filed: Mar 14, 1983 Granted: Jun 18, 1985 Status: Lapsed

Minson with Training Wheels

Nov 17, 2019 SkateS BikeS ModS and More
Minson Skate Bike – Hands and Feet Free Coasting and Tight Turning

Robert Ortiz riding his Minson

Oct 20, 2014
Robert Ortiz riding his Minson “Skate Wheel Cykle” in a parking structure.

First Successful Ride – Rich Helms (Minson)

Today I rode the rebuilt skate bike for the first time. The new hard bushings worked well. The seat needs to be a bit higher but was extended as far as it could go. Also I would like to try a longer seat to help with control.

Riding my Minson Skatebike

Recorded on September 21, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.

Riding My Minson Skate bike on my 80th birthday

W.R. Casebolt Mar 6, 2012

A Brand New Unridden Minson Skatebike (Roller Shuttle)

Brett from England acquired an unridden Minson skatebike, circa 1985. This is a first release version. In the UK it was called a Roller Shuttle. You can tell it is a first generation from the stripe on the seat, the brake mount and the secondary curved tube to the front truck.

For someone looking to restore a skatebike, this is a nice photo collection of what a new one looked like.

Aussie Minson Skatebike Restoration – Anthony – Australia

Anthony from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia contacted me in Feb 2020 about a skatebike he bought. Now just three months later he sent me details on the restoration. What a beautiful job. I especially love the labels for the Minson logo and Twisties slogan. Well done Anthony.